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Vista Hospitality Management System for Hotels

 Vista PMS - Reservation

Vista is an affordable and easy‐to‐use hotel Property Management System (PMS) for small to medium sized hotels including guest houses.  Boasting all the main features of a complete Hotel Management System, Vista can streamline a hotel’s daily operations, increase profitability and provide better customer service without the need to purchase high upfront software licenses and hardware. There is no need to invest in expensive servers as Vista is designed to run on one stand‐alone PC or laptop. Day‐to‐day operations including handling of reservations using electronic reservation charts, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms and managing room inventory, accommodating in-house guest needs, and handling accounting and billing make life so much easier. Detailed guest records and a variety of management and statistical reports will allow the hotel to increase productivity, precisely target its marketing efforts and improve occupancy rates. By and large, Vista is a modern and easy‐to‐learn software system that provides small to medium sized hotels with the tool to become more efficient and accountable and deliver the high‐quality experience their guests expect in today's highly‐competitive tourism market.

Auditing House-keeping Management
  • Generate room posting report
  • Check for "no-shows" and overstays"
  • Tracking of Exchange rate fluctuations
  • Track house-keeping status
  • Track maintenance of rooms
  • change room status to/from "out of order"/"out of inventory"
  • Daily manager's report
  • Marketing Statistics
  • Guest history
  • Rooms revenue forcast
  • Performance statistic reports
Reservations Front Office Cashiering
  • Individual & group bookings
  • Reservation charts
  • Reservation forecasts
  • Printing of confirmation letters
  • Quick check-in/check-out
  • Pre-print guest registration cards
  • Arrival &departure lists
  • In-house guest meal plans
  • Multi-currency
  • Main and incidental folios
  • Split bills
  • Transfer charges between folios